Hello world!

Welcome, players, pimps, hipsters, rappers, skaters, rockers, goths, soldiers, workers, bosses, rednecks, foreigners, of all race, sex, ages….

This is my first foray into blogging outside of My Space/Facebook (I call them MY FACE.), and I figured I keep it light and fun. Those that know me personally know I’ve seen and done just about everything negative this world has to offer, and that I try to keep my head by laughing about it.

Since everybody loves lists, the format will be exactly that. A Top 5 List of things that run my mind, and we’ll try to make it as random as possible.

Since I’m a foreign/urban dweller/hip hop head/sports junkie/cinema buff/pop culture hound/jackass, most of the subjects will stay pretty close to those categories.

Now here comes the fun part, I own an up and coming T-Shirt line (I refuse to call it Clothing Company until I make something more than Tees). In order to boost business (and morale) We’ll add a fun contest to the proceedings. Anytime you the readers post a comment with a Top 5 List in response to the same subject, you will automatically be entered into a weekly contest.

The winner? A free T-Shirt from my line ($TKY PPR$) or my partnership line (SARBAZ). Free…no tax, no shipping, no handling. Yep, I said it.

I figure I’m killing two birds at once, Getting you muthasukkas involved, and promoting the brand. Trust me when you get your free shirt, you’re going to be on the website ordering some more…

Now the voting is solely done by me, and since I’m a corrupt muthasukka, I will accept bribes of all kind. The smartest way to go about it is by making sure your Top 5 List refers to random words or sentences I use…Yep, I’m conceded like that.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this experiment, my lists will always include a “Top 5”, 1 “Honorable Mention”, and 1 “Never That”. Of course pics and videos will be posted on most blogs. Also enjoy my links, I read and Co-sign everyone of them like they were my own.

So there you have, do what you have to do…bookmark, open, read, comment, collect. Sounds simple right? Who knows, maybe one day this humble little Blog willbe TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE….

What you got on my lunch Ben?

What you got on my lunch Ben?


~ by unkstick on July 21, 2009.

16 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. I see that I’m welcomed into this experiment being the sk8rboi that I am. I like what I see so far. Keep up the good work & I want a smedium tee so I’ll look like one of those clowns who swags & surfs. LMAO

    • Lucky for you, Swag Surfing is allowed, as long as you don’t combines it with Jerkin’….One!


    I’m trying to cut back!

  3. You wild Stick!! Hot shit though! That pic with the bear at Ben’s is classic!

    • You know I jacked Ben for his Chili Dogs! and told him he better tell Obama that’s my spot, don’t get comfortable son!

  4. Sounds live to me

  5. Adding you to the blogroll now…

  6. I made it here Bobbito…now tell me you love me. You know the Princess doesn’t follow individuals. LOL But as long as you post links from your facebook I’ll be here reading. yaaaayy Bobbito

    • Dana you know i’m starting to get used to Bobbito as my name…I think I shall make everyone call me that!

      And I loves you for going hard on my behalf!

  7. Mr. Bobalina….you r doing it big home slice. I can’t wait to see what comes along. I have always loved your commentaries.

  8. HEAVY HITTERS!!! You know what it is!!!

  9. Heeeeeeeeeeeeey Sticky I found the comments!! Yay me ;0

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