I’ll keep it short and sweet. Everybody thinks they’re a movie buff, but only a special few go above and beyond the shelves of Blockbusters to find hidden gems. This is dedicated to the few, the proud, the film geek!

1. Action movie- La Femme Nikita

Does this dress make my ass look fat or is the Heater?

Does this dress make my ass look fat or is the Heater?

Though “Die Hard” was the originator of the “Euro trash gangsters in Armani suits” genre, La Femme perfected it. It’s directed by Luc Besson, you know, the cat that gave you “The professional” and “The Fifth Element”. It’s your typical “girl meets Crack, Girl kills Clerk, Girl gets Death Sentence, Secret Government Hit Squad Boss gives Girl second chance, Girl trains to become Secret Government Hit Squad Hit Woman, Girl rebels against Secret Government Hit Squad Boss, Secret Government Hit Squad Boss shoots Girl in the knee cap…” and that’s just the first 20 minutes of the movie!

Hip Factor: this movie gave Jean Reno his shot at stardom, and he knocked it out of the park. His supporting role as “the Cleaner” was so gully that he ended up reprising the role in his first staring role in Besson’s next masterpiece, “the Professional” as Leon.

The title character was played by Anne Parillaud, a French actress that never caught on in Hollywood (though she did star in the cult classic “Innocent Blood” as a Vampire taking out the New York Mafia). But this is her Tour de Force (you like the French double entendre? Oops I did it again!). She is a vision in her little black dress and Eff me Pumps while dumping a Desert Eagle on the croissant eating gangsters!

This flick also inspired a shitty shot by shot remake (with Bridget Fonda as Nikita and Harvey Keitel as the Cleaner), and a TV series that deserves no mention.

2. Hood Drama- Once Were Warriors

Whatchu looking at knucca? oh my baaaaad!

Whatchu looking at knucca? oh my baaaaad!

Most of you muthasukkas probably think a Hood drama has to be American unless we’re talking about City of God, but I will do you one better. Do yourself a favor go cop this underappreciated gem. It might surprise you that it takes place in New Zealand, and that the Boyz N Da Hood are actually Maori. If you don’t know what a Maori is, think Samoan, but with more tats and instead of blunts imagine 40’s in their hands. The Maoris were systematically subjugated by the white government, and they’ve fallen into the familiar routines of welfare, abuse, and gangs. This movie tell the tale of Jake “The Muss”, a lovable loser that alternates between loving and terrorizing his family, all the while smashing skulls at his local watering hole. His kids all face the typical inner city choices, and each one handles it their own way. You are guaranteed to be both entertained and heart broken by this classic, it has been a personal favorite of mine since it’s original release.

Hip Factor: Though hardly any actors cross over to Hollywood, the actor portraying Jake the Muss, Temuera Morrison garnered enough attention that George Lucas cast him to play the Original Gangsta, Jango Fett (Bobba’s daddy) in the Star Wars Prequels. His other son in the movie ended up being the soldier cloned to become all the Storm Troopers. Also Cliff Curtis, as “Uncle Bully” found his way to classics like “Training Day” (he was the Mexican Mafia dude Smiley who almost capped the rookie in his crib), and Nig Heke was one of the freedom fighters in the Matrix. Not bad for a bunch of Kiwis!

3. Mafia flick- Gommora

This is what WE call Superman that Hoe!

This is what WE call Superman that Hoe!

Ok, so you’ve seen Mean Streets/Godfather/Goodfellas/Casino/Carlito/Donnie Brasco/Sporanos. You think you have it all figured out because you can name the Gambino’s current and past hierarchy, and can tell a cannelloni from tiramisu. But I bet you haven’t heard of Gommora, based on the best selling book by Roberto Saviano, who is now hiding for his life since the publication. What most people don’t know, is that the Camorra, a criminal group based out of Naples, runs all of Italy and most of Europe and only leaves the crumbs for the Cosa Nostra, Russians, and other ethnic groups. They do this through sheer terror and an unmatched ruthlessness when it comes to murder. Only recently have the Mexican cartels come close to what these cats have been doing for years! This movie shows every level of their operation, sort of like Traffic and Syriana have done with other types of criminals. You see bosses, captains, soldiers, runners, accountants, factories, waste management, even fashion. You’d be surprised to know most of the big Italian brands (you probably got some of their bootleg joints on right now!) get their clothes made by Camorra backed factories

Hip factor: This movie is part Goodfellas, part City of God, part Traffic, part Scarface, and part New Jack City. The younger thugs dress in sweat suits and rock big bling pieces, and run the housing projects they live in as giant dope houses, putting the Carter to shame!

4. Documentary- Slingshot Hip Hop

Afterparty: We get fondled by the IDF!

Afterparty: We get fondled by the IDF!

As far as docs go, this is about as good as it gets. We meet different Hip Hop crews in the occupied territories (notice I didn’t call it Israel) that are struggling to get their music out to the people, or even perform live in front of an audience. One of the more famous crew called DAM started as American Gangsta rap fans, and their early songs emulated the guns/drugs/hoes talk they had learned. But as the grip of Israel tightened on all Arabs, they started morphing into a political active movement, and their music started improving. They are also mentors to up coming conscious rappers like PR (Palestinian Rappers), Mahmoud Shalabi, and female artists Arapeyat and Sabreena Da Witch (Abeer). Guaranteed to put a lump in your throat and make you APPRECIATE where you live, this is truly and uplifting and thought provoking movie. You will see life under Israeli rule like you have never had the Western Media show you.

Hip Factor: The guys are huge Hip Hop fans, and when they show off their CD selection, you won’t be able to stop cheesing as you compare your library to theirs. Also having one of the crews meet Chuck D on his radio show and get his cosign is priceless!

5. Martial Arts- Street Fighter

Call me Bruce one more ' more 'gain!!!!

Call me Bruce one more ' more 'gain!!!!

Japan’s answer to Bruce Lee (not Leroy), Sonny Chiba Takima (Terry in US versions) Tsurugi, simply the coldest cat to ever rock some pajamas…While Bruce lee only avenged his fam and the poor Chinese, the Street Fighter put is foot down anybody’s ass that crossed his path. This is the dude that castrates a rapist/pimp only to put the rescued chick to work on the track (or that’s how I remember it anyways)… I won’t bore with the storyline, since this is really meant to be an instructional movie for ass kicking seminars! Our boy demolishes his opponents with brutal tactics, including and X-Ray movie of some dude getting his skull penetrated…pimp down! There were also 2 sequels, “Return” and “Sister” of Street Fighter, pretty much the same amount of mayhem!

Hip Factor: The Street Fighter was the first film to receive an X rating solely for violence. Quentin Tarantino is the biggest Chiba Stan, in True Romance (written by Q), the lead character meet at a Street Fighter Festival, and later on used Sonny Chiba as the master sword maker in Kill Bill….yep that dude. Plus some of your favorite 90’s rappers dropped Sonny Chiba references, but most of you prolly though he was talking about blunts!

Honorable mention: Man Bites Dog.

Serial Killer gets followed by a camera crew in this fake documentary. Fun facts: Black and white movies in Belgium while deranged white man goes around town killing immigrants and homosexuals and women are just so fun…not! Ok, this is pretty depressing stuff, but it WAS groundbreaking, and the ending is so worth the wait!

Never That: Ghost Dog.

Nope, though one of my fave Jarmusch films, Ghost Dog doesn’t qualify, because at this point it’s become a favorite of every Wu head/Thugster/Zen master/Hipster. Nice try…..

Now it’s up to you fam, gimme your Top 5 list of flicks we probably never head of, and see if you have enough to defeat the master…..


~ by unkstick on July 28, 2009.


  1. old school- Nosferatu is a silent film that is slept on b/c it’s silent but Nosferatu was the original vampire movie with many firsts in camera technique, lighting and staging. It is actually a very good watch.

    crazy school-Audition is the ultimate in bachelor/bachelorette i don’t know you, let’s get married after the show reality t.v.; however it a movie and it goes very awry, wheat, and pumpernickel.

    lucky school-Intacto involves people living underground, in an underground gambling ring and Russian roulette. NUFF SAID.

    what school-Schizopolis I don’t know how to explain this movie only that it is crazy and I enjoyed it. Most can’t watch it b/c it’s just that crazy!!

    • Look at you Nessa, that’s a solid list right thurr….

      I know about Nosferatu, it was actually inspiration for the look of Coppola’s Dracula…

      I might have missed Intacto, but it sounds like my kind of movie.

      And it looks like I have to see Schizopolis from your description!

  2. oh yeah I saw la femme, gomorra, and street fighter.

    • You are too advanced for this course if you’ve seen Gomorra…advance to the next level of the game!

  3. 1) Momento – It’s like a combo between Finding Nemo with out the punk ass cartoon fish and Pulp Fiction! Really good though!
    2) CB4 – Worst movie Chris Rock ever made!
    3) Liquid Sky – THE WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! Has another movie with the same plot called “I Come In Peace”
    4) Inkwell – A coming of age story of black family that goes to Martha’s Vinayard! A Buppie Paradise!
    5) They Call Me Trinity – A series of the old comedy westerns were some of the funniest slapstick movies I have ever seen!

    Good list UNK … I only had seen La Femme Nikita from your list!


    • Momento! That’s my joint Marshall….Christopher Nolan before he took on the Dark Knight…

      As far as CB4, all I can say is…sweat from my balls!!!! lol

      I never heard of Trinity, my game is slipping!

      Bonus points for using “Muthasukka” in a sentence!

  4. My Top Five films you probably never heard of:

    1) “Laila”- This movie was made by an Iranian film maker I can’t remember. It was about a married man who was constantly haggled by his mother to take on another wife since his first wife couldn’t bear children. It gave a nice look at Islamic culture in a Middle Eastern country.

    2) “How I learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Bomb” – A movie fanatic would know this film I think. It came out in 1964, and it was a movie that showed what may have happened if the US had actually dropped a bomb on Russia. Starring Peter Sellers (the original Pink Panther) you know it was hilarious, but it gave stinging commentary on how people do awful things in the name of God. BTW Slim Pickens is in there as well (what a character).

    3)”Reefer Madness” – This movie came out in 1936, and it was a comedy about what happens to three teens who smoke marijuana for the first time. This was a shocker for its time & therefore wasn’t available in most theaters.

    4) “The Deer Hunter” – This movie came out in 1978 (the year your’s truly came to the Earth). Robert DeNiro is more known for playing notorious gangsters & officers of the law (Casino, Untouchables, Heat, Righteous Kill, etc.). In this movie he plays a Russian-American steel worker who suffered mightily after getting involved in the Vietnam War. DeNiro did his finest acting to date in that film.

    5) A man called Adam – This movie starred Sammy Davis as a struggling Jazz musician who couldn’t keep a constant gig. Many say that it was the unofficial biography of Miles Davis. It’s possible, but anyway Sammy’s performance showed the life of a Jazz musician pretty well. Between the woman in his life, the students that he taught & the humiliation he took to finally have a constant gig, one could imagine that not everyone (but only a special someone) could live such a “wonderful” life. Sammy deserved an Oscar nod for it.

    • I know I have seen Reefer Madness….hilarious!!Seeing a movie about smoking pot, it’s effects, and the attempt at booty calls in black and white. I think I have seen A man called Adam but it was a long time ago.

    • Your list is on point bruh…

      Dr Strangelove is a masterpiece, but what else could we expect from Stanley Kubrik…and Petere Sellers is the G.O.A.T that all comedy actors bow down to.

      Deer Hunter is the O.G. Russian Roullette movie…

      I need to check out A Man called Adam, SDJR was a talented cat, so I expect it to be great…

      Great list, though 2 of the 5 are considered classics so I don’t know if they would be considered movies we never heard of…but with a list like that, I know you know your movies…One!

  5. Is it ok if I comment and not have a top 5?? lol

    I have only heard of #1

    The U.S. had a remake called the Point of No Return with Bridget Fonda, I liked that version.

  6. Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
    The Spanish Prisoner
    Nine Queens – great movie out of Argentina
    The Way of the Gun
    Hard Boiled – one of the best action movies ever made. most american action movies made in the last 15 years have copied scnes, styles, and sequences from this movie as well as another movie, The Killers. Both star Chow Yun Fat and directed by John Woo before he made it big here in the states.

    • Oh snap!!! Hard Boiled IS one of the best shoot’em ups ever made, I’d say the Killer is my favorite Woo flick, only because it’s a little bit more emotionally amped up, but how can you go wrong with the hospital shootout scene in HB?

      1000 points for you for that one, but minus 1200 for using Ghost Dog after I said GHOST DOG DOESN’T QUALIFY!!!!! lol…I’m evil like that Pat!

  7. damn bro. i didn’t see that. i should extra credit for throwing nine queens in there. you should see it because its really good.

  8. I can’t come up with any good ones that you guys haven’t heard of…I’m not a movie buff Unk….I have never heard of any of the movies on your list…My good movies would have been:

    1. Action Movie: Bad Boys II

    2. Hood Drama….Menace II Society

    3. Mafia Flick…The Godfather Trilogy

    4. Documentary…Hoop Dreams or When We Were Kings

    5. Martial Arts…End of The Dragon (not a big martial arts fan)

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