Top 5 One Hitter Quitters

OK, here are the rules: The artist had to have a certified smash, the follow ups had to be mostly trash. And you can’t bring up legends like Kane and G. Rap because they still put out classic material in their heyday. And we’re not going to use Tone Loc and Young MC, I’m talking about certified street bangers. Most of today’s rappers don’t qualify because they still make You Tube and direct to I Tunes albums, and silly beefs….I’m talking about putting the industry on smash, and then straight disappearing. So if your favorite rapper didn’t make this list, it’s probably because they still have a chance of making it.

So here it is, Top 5 One Hitter Quitters:


The Smash: Whutcha want?

One of 94’s biggest hits, With his gravely voice, the blessing of Funk Flex and all of the Bronx behind him, Nine was ready to take over the game. The sample smoothed out the rough drums and the hook was just the right kind of chant friendly to be shouted out and clubs and house parties…the video was nice accompanying piece, dude looked like his voice sounded, and came complete with Timbs AND a Jeep…classic!

The Trash

The follow ups were ok, the “6 Million ways to die” freestyle off Funk Flex’s album actually came out before “Whutcha want”, and he had some ok joints after that, “Redrum” being one that stood out for me. Too bad, I liked dude’s style. I heard his 15 year old son is trying to rap now…guess I’m getting old!


The Smash: Gangsta Bitch

The year was 1991, Naughty by Nature rules the charts, Kay Gee’s soulful tunes seem to play out of every Jeep, and New Jersey was putting it’s stamp on the face of Hip Hop. Apache fit the profile of your typical Dirty Jerz cat: braids, hoodies, Carharts, and those extra long Timbs. And the chicks wore the same ish too! The songs had a tight sample and rocking horns…and the video was a scene by scene representation of the lyrics. Still gets love at hood parties, almost 20 years later!

The Trash

No idea….he came out with the album “Apache ain’t shit”, which I didn’t cop, which is odd because in the early 90’s I copped EVERY album that came out. I think he had one called “Do fa Self “…what happened to you Apache? Someone fill me in!


The Smash: Put it on your mouth

The original ode to oral sex, this song was wrong in every possible way…yet had a way of setting the house parties off! Was it the sweet guitar hook? The chorus sang by the smooth voiced chick? Or Ak’s crazy gravely delivery? On second thought, did females enjoy that song more than the fellas? it’s possible….sad thing though, no video. Damn shame we didn’t have Uncut back in the day, so we could have gotten a cheapie soft porn video for the single! (sidenote: India Arie did a great job of flipping the beat and making it a female empowerment anthem!)

The Trash:

The rest of his career… man Ak tried to keep the theme going, I think every song after that was a variation of cheap sex songs, here’s a few song titles: “take a lick”, “strippers call”, “take a hop on that pole”, and that’s not counting the album titles: “Vagina dinner”, “Aktapuss” and…..surprise: “Put it in your mouth”….I heard his stage shows lately have featured real pornstars doing improv (hoeing) on stage. Way to stick with the theme Ak!

Volume 10

The Smash: Pistol Grip Pump

This song had the West Coast on lock down in 94, every mix tape made in Cali seemed to feature this joint. It was one of those songs that you had to play over and over again, if you had the cassette single you just kept flipping it over and over (yes kids, there was a form of music device called cassette tapes…I see your brain starting to smoke, don’t stress it!). Rage Against the Machine Great made a killer cover years later too. Great debut album by the way, I wore it out back in the day, I need to find another copy soon!

The trash:

Even though my man was a talented MC, he never made it far….I don’t think he was marketable, even in the early 90’s when it was easier to be an MC. Most folks don’t know he was part of the legendary Freestyle Fellowship, LA’s underground MC Collective that use to run the battle scene out in SoCal. He is featured in the documentary about the crew, called “This is the life”, currently airing on Showtime.

The D.O.C

The Smash: Funky Enough

(why are all the versions screwed and chopped or with no audio? smh!)

One of the most tragic examples of wasted talent, as Sonny said in Bronx Tale, the worst thing in the world is wasted talent…Originally a member of the Fila Fresh Crew (don’t you just love the names from back in the day?) The D.O.C joined the super crew NWA right when they were exploding on the scene, and took over writing duties for the crew side by side with Ice Cube….he did his thing on Eazy and NWA albums, and then proceeded to drop a classic with this joint. A killer Dr Dre track, a great video, and supreme skills on the mic, and he was on the top of the world. The album “No one can do it better” was a perfect storm, every song was a perfect blend of his lyrics and Dre’s beats…and the Grand Finale….goosebumps! Even the cover art is a classic. That album stayed in the Sentra for 3 years (yes kids, back then you had a choice of only 10 CD’s at a time).

The Trash:

Everything after. Tracy Curry had a horrific crash that damaged his vocal cords. Though his personal career never made a recovery, he did ghostwrite most of the Chronic for Dre, and contribute to Death Row’s rule in the 90’s. Unfortunately he put out product that was below average, mostly due to his newly acquired scratchy voice that took away from his lyrical fury. Sad.

Honorable Mention: O.C, Time’s Up

Never that: Joe Budden.


~ by unkstick on August 7, 2009.

21 Responses to “Top 5 One Hitter Quitters”

  1. Absolutely flawless list… You’re dead on with these!

    • Well thank you there…I could have had top 25 on this subject, but I’m trying to let one of y’all win a shirt!

  2. Domino – “Getto Jam” back in 1993 that was #7 on Billboard’s top 100.

    Craig Mack – “Flava in Ya Ear” 1994

    Biz Markie – “Just a Friend” 1989. Guy did nothing after that.

    Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – “It Takes Two” 1988. Still played at stadiums everywhere but nothing from them since.

    • Your list is fire pat!

      What happened to Domino anyways? Sweet Potato Pie was the jam wasn’t it?

      I wouldn’t call Biz Markie a One Hitter Quitter though!

      And you’re right on with Rob Base…

      You stayed within the rules this time…wait, only 4 picks? Top 5 homie…Top 5! lol….

  3. Woah homey…lemme think

    Canibus – Second Round Knockout
    Mc Shan – The Bridge
    Black Rob – Woah
    G Dep – Special Delivery

  4. one more…
    Das EFX – they want EFX

  5. Ok…ok…..I like this!

    I did think of Bad Boy’s 2 fallen soldiers (by the way, can we just say everyone but Big was pretty much one hit wonder?)…G Dep still has crazy flow, and Rob needs to stop robbing people so he can drop something new for us!

    When was the alst time anyone saw Shan? Wasn’t he in Ghosbusters 2 as a rapping waiter? Wow!

    Canibus..I think if you leave the rap game to become a sniper in the special forces you get a pass…lol!

    Ill list!

  6. bobby, name me one or two biz markie songs that were big after just a friend. the guy only released two albums after that one so he is definitely a one hitter quitter.

    If you want another one I’ll give it to you.

    Masta Ace – “Born to Roll” 1995 “braniac dumb dumb bust the scientifical…approach to the course and the force is centrifugal”

    • I agree with Bobby about Biz Markie. Even though he fell off after “Just a Friend,” he had a following before with joints like “The Vapors” (CLASSIC in my book), Picking Boogers, Make the Music With Your Mouth, Just Rhyming (duet with Kane), Nobody Beats the Biz. They weren’t crossover hits like “just a friend,” but neither were a lot of the one-hit joints acknowledged & they were memorable during the Golden Era of the late 80’s. I feel the same about Sir Mix A Lot who had following years before “Baby Got Back.” with “My Hooptie” & “My Posse On Broadway.” But that’s just my opinion though.

      • That’s pretty much what I was going to tell Pat, “Just a friend” was one of those monster crossover hits, and if any other artist had made it, they would go in the 1 hit wonder Hall of Shame….but Biz was killing it with the Juice Crew, for a couple of years he was the star of the label, til Kane claimed the title. He had Gold albums when they were considered Platinum back in the late 80’s….

        Plus he stayed on the scene, the biggest Rap acts and moguls still choose him to DJ their party, so he’s remained in the scene as a taste maker.

  7. Wow. Y’all drop some good ones. I’m trying to think of some no one else has listed. Here goes.

    Top 5 One-hitter Quitters (in no particular order)

    1. Ahmad “Back In the Days” 1994
    2. Digable Planets “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” 1993
    3. Tracey Lee “The Theme” 1997
    4. Jeru the Damaja “Come Clean” 1994
    5. Boss “Deeper”

    The Trash
    (1.) That was a slamming joint, but I actually bought the album & unfortunately with the exception of one other song, the rest was wack to me.

    (2.) I actually loved this group & both of their releases. But I think everything else after “Cool Like Dat”, went over ppl’s heads.

    (3.) I actually liked his entire album, but I think the deaths of Biggie & 2Pac overshadowed the rap game & he was one of many new emcees that never got his dues.

    (4.) He’s just one of many underrated emcees & I think the popularity of the Jiggy era might’ve hurt his growth & plus subliminally dissing Biggie months before his death definitely didn’t help his fan base.

    (5.) Boss was one, if not the illest femcee repping at that time (pre-Lauryn). SHe made every other femcee go butch. But she snitched on herself on her own album might’ve damaged her career at a time when “Keeping It Real” was a hip hop rule.

  8. Oh yeah…..

    Honorable Mentions:

    Ill Al Skratch – “Where My Homiez” and
    Souls of Mischief – “93 Til Infinity”

    • Dayum!!!! Phellah came with the heat, but that’s to be expected, he’s the most knowledgeable Rap Stan I know, including myself. It’s like inviting MJ to play hoops in your backyard!

      I’m with you on all your picks, I actually Jeru, Souls and Ill Al as choices I pondered when writing my list. We could actually do a West Coast, Midwest, Down South, and each NY Burroughs playing this game…Hell was can even do a Philly and Jersey one (Note to Self)…

  9. :Give Thanks:

    Okay y’all don’t be mad when I get chosen as the winner aite. *grin* It’s pretty all around so put on your memory caps and relive those days when you too would bump these songs in your neck of the hood.

    One Love

    . Rampage – Brotha from the Flipmode Squad – Take it to the streets

    ..Peter Guns & Lord Tariq – Deja Vu

    …Kid Frost – La Raza

    ….Wreckx n Effect – Rump Shaker

    …..Sugar Hill Gang – Rapper’s Delight

    (Diss)Honarable Mention

    6 House of Pain – Jump Around

    7 Young Black Teenagers – Tap the Bottle

    8 Fu Schnikens – True Fuschnik

    9 Lords of the Underground – Funky Child

    10 Blahzay Blahzay – Danger

    This was fun! Cuz I actually got to reminisce as I wrote this list. I missed those days fo’sho. Mang!

    My list is interchangeable…either way their my top 5s ying or yanged.

    • Damn. I actually thought about Blahzay Blahzay after I posted mine. lol. Rampage’s album was tight, but I would’ve went with “Wild For The Night,” cuz I’ll get whiplash bobbing to that joint. LOL.

    • K to the Van!!!

      I knew you would bring the heat, I’m feeling this!

      I’m with you on Tariq & Gunz with Deja Vu, and Frost got major respect on this coast, though the East Coast pretty much ignored him…

      I never understood Rampage to be honest, I never enjoyed his verse on the Flavor in the Ear Remix, though I think LL had the wackest turn (if he wasn’t LL he would had got booed off the stage)…

      The Diss-Honorable joints actually looked like fun….lol…I might be the only cat that always played the Lord’s album front to back, and House of Pain always got play with me due to the Soul Assassins connection…those beats were just the right kind of dusty….

      I’m surprised nobody brought up Funkdoobiest yet!

  10. Here’s another 5. Hell, I wanna free t-shirt. LMAO

    Dred Scott – Check That Vibe
    Sam Snead – Recognize
    N-Tyce – Hush Hush Tip
    Jaz-O – Hawaiian Sophie
    Shyne – Bad Boys
    Nonchalant – 5 o’clock in the Morning
    D-Nice – Call Me D-Nice
    UMC – Blue Cheese
    Cappadonna – Slang Editorial
    Camp-Lo – Luchini
    Nikki D – Daddy’s Little Girl

    • Now you’re just being plain mean….I know my people got something for yo ass….

      Right? Right? (crickets)….

  11. I love Camp LO!!!! This isssss itttt waaaat! LOL

    Oh and tru dat Phellah G!!! Wild for the Night was a banger! Guess I went with the radio friendly joint cuz dats all I heard up in the da clubs in 2002 or so. ha!

    Ha Funkdoobiest! Whateva happend to that cat?!

    Cappadonna Sucks!!!! lol

    I hear ya’ Bobby on the Lord’s album…it’s pretty tight but they just dropped the ball afta’ they had the buzz goin’…harsh.

    • I feel you. I actually have all of Camp Lo’s album, including one they dropped last year. Cooley High is still my favorite joint & “Black Connection” from the first. Damn, I forgot the Funddoobiest. I actually bought that Cappadonna album off the strength of Wu affiliation & “Ice Cream”. Str8 garbage. lol. I loved the LOTUG.. (Boom Shakalakalaka.. Here Comes the Chief Rocka!!! … LMAO) I actually liked both their 1st 2 albums, although the 2nd couldn’t live up to the 1st.

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