Top 5 Swayze Roles

Pain don't hurt!

Pain don't hurt!

Remember when rappers in the late 80’s used to say “I’m Swayze”? It was supposed to mean “I’m out”, because patrick Swayze’s career was supposed to be out of time….yet Swayze persevered for another 20 some years, both in Hollywood and life….until now. Here’s my Top 5 list of Swayze classics….R.I.P, I’m Swayze.

1. Dalton (Road House)
“Be nice until it’s time not to be nice”. “Pain don’t hurt”. Two of the best lines ever uttered by any character in any movie! Now let’s be honest, Road House is a cheesy action flick, but we love it anyways. We’re talking about a Zen spouting Tai Chi practicing ass kicking machine. Imagine a Pacifist that pull your heart out with his bear hand when pushed too far! Add Sam Elliot as the coolest limping ass Sensei, and Ben Gazzara as a small town gangster, and you have a classic cheese fest!

2. Jed (Red Dawn)

Wolverines!!!!! Let’s be honest, if you were a 70’s baby stuck in your boring History class in 1984, and Russia decides to team up with Cuba to invade Colorado (I know it sounds ridiculous but humor me), who else would you want to lead the insurgency other than your big bro Jed? In no time he transforms from a pickup driving redneck to a skilled commando that can plan war parties and outflank Generals at a drop of a dime. Just don’t forget that he WILL make you pee in the radiator if you’re low on Coolant, and you’ll be drinking deer blood to make your nuts drop!

3. Bodhi (Point Break)

Ok, so if Dalton gave up on being a Cooler and moved to So Cal, he would naturally take up surfing and start robbing banks to supplement his income. And bleach his hair blond. An almost perfect movie if it wasn’t ruined by Keanu Reeve’s cadaver, Point Break tells the story of….ah who freakin cares? This isn’t exactly Citizen Kane. Swayze surfs, Swayze waxes poetic, Swayze whoops ass, Swayze jumps off planes. Done.

4. Darry (the Outsiders)

Though his role wasn’t big, he still was the big brother type of leader for this band of greasers. This movie had a huge number of future stars featured, and inspired a whole generation of white boys to wear leather and carry a switchblade. Of course compared to today’s class of gangbangers, they look a little silly….but we still love Swayze for greasing us with his presence. Pun intended.

5. Chippendales dancer (SNL)

Ok, this is not exactly a movie appearance, but classic anyways. One of the funniest SNL clips ever, and best performance by Chris Farley….Sad that they are both dead now….


~ by unkstick on September 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Top 5 Swayze Roles”

  1. The Outsiders is CLASSIC! From the cast to the Stevie Wonder theme song Stay Gold.

    You’ll be missed Patrick!

  2. I have tried to watch point break and I just can’t do it….I’mm make it through the movie one day!!

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